Overhead Crane


Overhead Crane Training
Overhead Crane Training
This training course is designed for both novice and experienced crane operators.

Learners who meet the specific outcomes and assessment criteria will be permitted to operate a code C30 pendant and/or remote-controlled overhead crane.

Applying the recognised methods for inspecting and recording the operational fitness of all components of the lift truck with reference to safety procedures in the workplace.

Up to a rated capacity stipulated on the certificate issued.

Identify different types of overhead cranes.

Identify and state the function of major components.

Identify and state the function of controls.

Perform all pre operational checks prior to operating the crane.

Perform all close down checks when parking the crane.

Know how to prevent a load from swinging and how to stop a swinging load.

Identify the different lifting equipment used with Overhead Cranes.

Correctly check and use the lifting equipment with the pendant controlled overhead Crane.

Correct lifting and maneuvering of loads.

Detailed safety rules.